Increase the Value Delivered by the Labor Flexibility Model

The labor flexibility model provides a range of benefits to companies that embrace it. Organizations can cultivate an ideal workforce mix, including core permanent employees, contingent workers, freelancers, and other arrangements that best serve the company’s needs.

With the labor flexibility model, businesses are empowered to adjust their employee ratios according to shifts in demand or changes to the company’s objectives.

However, the labor flexibility model can only provide maximum value when the right methodologies are in use. If you want to make the most of the labor flexibility model, here are three points that require your attention.

Achieving balance through effective talent management strategies

Even if your company is open to the labor flexibility model, it can only provide genuine value when accompanied by a robust talent management strategy. Your company needs to determine which kind of hire is necessary for various scenarios, ensuring the right recruitment process is launched when you need to augment your staff.

Similarly, separating when a subject matter expert (SME) needs to become a permanent team member and when hiring a freelancer is a better option should also be part of your strategy.Creating a checklist that helps define whether the need for the SME is short-or long-term can make smart decision-making easier. Plus, it standardizes the hiring evaluation, ensuring the same points are considered before staffing begins.

With an effective talent management strategy, you can determine which kind of worker best meets your needs in a range of scenarios. This allows you to maximize the benefits of a broad selection of hiring options, ensuring you derive the most value from your labor flexibility model.

Reducing gender disparity

Diversity is touted as a means of achieving greater success as a company. When more perspectives are represented, you can better serve your customers, reach new customer bases, and innovate with greater ease.

If you want to make the most of your labor flexibility model, then reducing gender disparity needs to be a primary objective. Use recruitment approaches that lead to greater diversity, encourage women to pursue managerial roles and grow their leadership skills, and create systems that support the needs of a diverse workforce, such as generous family leave options or onsite childcare.

Allowing flexible schedules, telecommuting, part-time hours, job-sharing arrangements, and temporary contracts can also lead to greater diversity. Plus, many of these options can reduce costs for employers, creating a win-win scenario that aligns with the labor flexibility model.

Bolstering employee loyalty through smart offerings

Employee commitment has a substantial impact on success. When retention becomes an issue, companies often struggle. Being short-handed can lead to productivity dips. Plus, high turnover negatively impacts morale and may create skill gaps among teams as professionals leave the organization.

Through the institution of smart human resources policies, you can bolster employee loyalty. Along with competitive wages and benefits, create up skilling opportunities for your permanent employees. Not only will this make them more capable and create a pathway for closing skill gaps, but it also boosts morale and engagement. Professionals prefer employers that invest in their success, leading to higher levels of commitment and stronger performances.

Ultimately, by focusing on the three areas above, you can increase the value delivered by the labor flexibility model. If you’d like to learn more about maximizing this talent management approach, the team at BlueAllyServices wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your questions with one of our workforce optimization specialists today.


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